Renewable Engineering Solutions | About SGH

SGH is a comprehensive supplier of efficient, sustainable and profitable energy solutions. Our Main Office is located in Spain, Madrid and Jaén, with technical offices in Chile, Colombia and Uruguay. Strategic alliances allow us to bid for projects in the Middle East, North Africa and Latin America.

SGH is present throughout the complete energy cycle, from design conception to its introduction in the market place. A very significant percentage of the company’s resources are invested in developing its own products and services through R&D&i. In fact from the outset, SGH has been determined to contribute to society through its commitment to research into and the viable development of sustainable sources of energy.

The company’s core activity is engineering and the development of renewable and conventional turnkey energy projects. SGH complements its projects with consultancy services in the fields of investment, finance, maintenance, control and monitoring to provide a comprehensive response to large clients’ or individual investors’ needs.